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By Hilton Catt

ISBN-10: 0585380120

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It is a convenient consultant for the entire many folks who're failing to use their precise community and private contacts, exhibiting that it takes merely part an hour to begin development in your community to draw new enterprise, switch your activity or win promoting.

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To Improve Your Networking you’re not putting any obstacles in the paths of people who want to network with you. On the contrary, you need to be doing all in your powers to make it easy for them. The penalty for getting this wrong? You acquire the reputation of being one of those nightmare people who it’s impossible to get to speak to. As a consequence, the people who’re trying to network with you give up. The traffic on your inbound lane dwindles to a trickle and you’re left wondering why. Keeping your inbound lane clear is important for another reason.

Karen: I found out that my company was up for sale from an outside contact who overheard a conversation in a hotel where she was staying. This enabled me to start getting some irons in the fire quickly and, as a result, I had two job offers in my hand when the announcement was made that we’d been taken over by the biggest bunch of sharks in the industry! Information fed to you through your network is often information that would be difficult or impossible for you to access by any other means. To have a source like this at your fingertips is, therefore, one of the many bonuses you will get from improving your networking skills.

Better still is if you use a room at home as an office. Here is where you could install a separate phone/ fax/e-mail line with ‘hands off’ instructions as far as other members of your family are concerned. VIEW YOUR NETWORKING AS IMPORTANT This underlies everything we’ve had to say about infrastructure. Networks – your cultivation of them and the way you use them – can have a significant bearing on the progress of your career. So don’t neglect them by underresourcing them. Instead give them the proper respect they deserve and you’ll find that when you have a need for them, they’ll be there, waiting to serve you.

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