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Breathing trumpet short or long, opening not broad. No spines or abdominal segments three to seven. Adults (both sexes) Rest at an angle to any surface. In most species dark and pale scales on wing veins arranged in distinct 'blocks'. Rest with the bodies more or less parallel to the surface. Scales on wing veins not arranged in 'blocks', scales frequently all brown or blackish or a mixture of pale and dark scales scattered on veins. Adult females (non-plumose antennae) Palps about as long as proboscis.

In the subclass Acari the excretory system varies greatly according to family. It may consist of (I) a pair of long, slightly coiled Malpighian tubules opening into the rectum of the hind gut, or (2) an assortment of small excretory glands opening at various points into the intestine, or (3) one or more pairs of coxal organs which discharge their fluids into tubules which open to the exterior between the coxae of the legs, or (4) a mixture of two or all three systems. The respiratory openings of the tracheae in ticks are called spiracles or stigmata.

The veins are covered with scales which are usually brown, black, white or creamy yellow, but more brightly coloured scales may occasionally be present. The shape of the scales and the pattern they form differs considerably both in different genera and species of mosquitoes. 4). In life the wings of resting mosquitoes are placed across each other over the abdomen in the fashion of a closed pair of scissors. The legs of the mosquito are long and slender, consisting of a short coxa and trochanter, a long femur and tibia and a long five-segmented tarsus, which terminates in, usually a pair, of toothed or simple claws.

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