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Assume that the chain has N links and is in thermal equilibrium at temperature a) Find the partition function. b) Find the average length of the chain. 48 Molecular Chain (MIT, Princeton, Colorado) Consider a one-dimensional chain consisting of N molecules which exist in two configurations, with corresponding energies and lengths and The chain is subject to a tensile force 26 PROBLEMS for the system. a) Write the partition function Calculate the average length as a function of and the temperab) ture c) Assume that and Estimate the average length in the absence of the tensile force as a function of temperature.

23). Initially the piston is fixed, and the gas has volume and temperature Next, the piston is released, and after several oscillations comes to a stop. Disregarding friction and the heat capacity of the piston and cylinder, find the temperature and volume of the gas at equilibrium. 24 15 Spring Cylinder (Moscow Phys-Tech) One part of a cylinder is filled with one mole of a monatomic ideal gas at a pressure of 1 atm and temperature of 300 K. A massless piston separates the gas from the other section of the cylinder which is evacuated but has a spring at equilibrium extension attached to it and to the opposite wall of the cylinder.

56 Osmotic Pressure (MIT) Consider an ideal mixture of monatomic molecules of type A and monatomic molecules of type B in a volume V. THERMODYNAMICS AND STATISTICAL PHYSICS 29 a) Calculate the free energy Calculate the Gibbs potential G is the Legendre transform of F with respect to V. b) If the molecules of type A are called the solvent, and those of type B the solute. 56). There are particles in volume V (or in volume 2V), and and particles in volume V on the left and right of the membrane, respectively.

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