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A clash that erupted among Roman legions and a few Judaeans in overdue A.D. sixty six had an incalculable influence on Rome's actual visual appeal and imperial governance; on old Jews bereft in their mother-city and temple; and on early Christian fortunes. ancient scholarship and cinema alike are inclined to see the clash because the fruits of lengthy Jewish resistance to Roman oppression. during this quantity, Steve Mason re-examines the warfare in all proper contexts (e.g., the Parthian size, Judaea's position in Roman Syria) and levels, from the Hasmoneans to the autumn of Masada. Mason ways each one subject as a old research, clarifying difficulties that have to be solved, figuring out the to be had proof, and contemplating eventualities that will clarify the proof. the best reconstructions make the clash extra humanly intelligible whereas casting doubt on acquired wisdom.

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And no one has been able to find the treasure sites—not for lack of trying. Soldiers’ plundering should subtract from any imperial haul available from Jerusalem. And Coleman’s evidence at best reflects the peak potential of the temple treasury, not the situation in late 70 after: the depredations of Nero’s procurators, which sparked the revolt; Jerusalem’s four-year isolation from its neighbours, brutal civil war, and the legions’ encirclement from 68, which all saw the flight of private capital and exhaustion of resources for survival (cf.

Tacitus, Hist. 73. This is Beard’s preferred explanation (2007: 95). See Köberlein 1962 (on Gaius, generally thought to have built the Isaeum on the Campus Martius, though Barrett 1989: 219–22); Roullet 1972: 37–52; Bricault and Leclant 2001; Bricault, Versluys, and Meyboom 2007; Bricault 2013. 75 76 Levick 1999: 69, 228 n. 14. Turner 1954: 62–64. See Curran 2007: 86–88. 78 See Suetonius, Vesp. 7; Tit. 5. , the coin ref. 1 in the British Museum. Agreeing with Curran 2007: 85–91, by a very different route.

This crack force vanishes even before the Flavians’ arrival (Chapter 6). Otherwise, the very few Judaean rebels who fight do so guerrilla-style, raiding and ambushing and mainly retreating to inaccessible caves or walled towns or fortresses. The Flavians’ production team have dreamed up the wrong war. But facts are not their concern, and those who know the facts (including Josephus) understand the programme. 147). Who are these men? No cities with generals come up in Josephus’ account of the Flavian campaign.

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