After the End by Bonnie Dee PDF

By Bonnie Dee

ISBN-10: 1456316028

ISBN-13: 9781456316020

The top of the area is simply the start. Zombies are at the free and the realm is falling aside. within the culture of apocalyptic novels equivalent to Stephen King's THE STAND, a bunch of strangers on a long island subway are introduced jointly within the identify of survival. the gang follows the lead of Ari Brenner, a tender guy who doesn't realize his personal management features and believes they persist with him just because he wears a military uniform. Lila Teske, a school pupil learning philosophy, unearths her non-violent ideals proven within the crucible of a zombie assault. There are different contributors of the various crew, however the concentration of the tale is on Ari and Lila, children who know about sacrifice and internal power during the ordeal. With the city's infrastructure down and verbal exchange with the surface international curtailed the survivors head towards the closest marina. after they meet a lab tech who could have an answer to the virus, they be aware of his security is paramount and it's extra vital than ever that they get off the island. yet zombies aren't the one threat that impedes them on their perilous trip.

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Ari opened his eyes and looked down the branching tunnel. He thought he could see a faint glow. At the same time, he heard footsteps, definite footsteps echoing from far away. "Move out," he said just loud enough so the group could hear him then plunged into the left hand passage, heading toward the gray light. The resounding footsteps from behind pattered faster and sounded louder. Whatever was on their trail was trotting now. Ari wrapped his arm around Ronnie and broke into a run, barely touching the wall now to keep his course straight.

Ari nodded and rose to his feet. " "A virus, I'm telling you. " Hector scratched obsessively at his arm. Joe stood. "Mr. Ramirez, I think we can discount an airborne pathogen or all of us would have been showing symptoms by now. " Derrick dared to say aloud what Ari never would have, even though the insane idea of monsters had been whispering in his brain. Mrs. Scheider shot Derrick a quelling glance. "Don't be ridiculous, young man. " "I'm serious. " He pointed at the remains at their feet. " "Come on.

He held his breath, terrified the cover would be locked from above, but the heavy plate shifted. He grunted as he lifted and shoved it aside. There was no time to make sure the subway was clear. The danger coming from behind was more urgent. Ari climbed down a couple of rungs before dropping the rest of the way to the ground and landing in a crouch. " he ordered Derrick. Derrick clambered to the top and out the hole. Ari had been worried Ronnie would freak out about climbing the ladder, but she scurried up it like pirate climbing rigging into her brother's waiting arms.

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