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By Margaret Peterson Haddix

ISBN-10: 1439106703

ISBN-13: 9781439106709

In the aftermath of a quandary that threatens the security of all shadow children—illegal third-borns in a society that permits merely childrens in step with family—Trey's associates count on him to take charge—a functionality he doesn't wish or imagine he can do.

Trey's new function leads him to commute with Luke Garner's brother, Mark, to inhabitants Police headquarters. There he impersonates an officer to aim to rescue Luke, who has been taken prisoner. The nonstop experience places all 3 boys at risk and hazards exposing the underground move to assist all shadow kids.

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And then he opened his eyes. The Buick wasn't there. Marlowe halted. Vampires were coming out from all over. There were a lot of them. Lit from behind by headlamps, the leaders cast long, dramatic shadows. Marlowe didn't even bother to fire. It was now just a matter of how many he got before they got him. Vampire vengeance contained a good measure of Russian roulette. Marlowe thought about shooting himself, but he just couldn't do it. Suddenly, there was a scream of tires from one of the exits.

There were three in all and they all wore Yamaha wrist lasers. It was a safe bet that a couple of heavy machine guns were concealed nearby. " He was North Korean and his English was perfect. Marlowe glanced back at Christine Stavers. " She leaned forward. " "I'm sorry, Miss Stavers. We have never personally met. I have only just been transferred here. " "All right, all right, just make it fast. " The guard passed a portable printer through the open window. The light came on and Christine placed her index finger on the plate.

The cops could arrive at any time. Building security was probably on its way. There were footfalls behind him. Marlowe swiveled. There was a second vampire, one that he didn't recognize, coming from the other direction, waving a pair of butterfly knives. Marlowe fired again. This blast was less accurate. It took the vampire in the shoulder and he went down screaming. "Scumsuck! " Marlowe was on his feet and running for the elevator. After what seemed like an eternity, the doors slid open. Fortunately, the elevator was empty.

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