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Thus, there is generalization of the inhibitory effects of extinction. The maintained effect of conditioning subsequent to extinction is termed a learning savings because the conditioned behavior is only temporarily suppressed rather than being permanently erased. Extinction itself has learning savings, its first establishment taking more time than any succeeding establishment. Both types oflearning savings are illustrated in Fig. 6. Differentiated Inhibition (Discriminative Conditioning). Pavlov's second type of repetitively induced inhibition, differentiated inhibition, is characterized by the suppression of a generalized response to a discriminative stimulus (OS).

Pre-training Days -- IIi /~ 0 \ 1 0 ~ ::. \ Given prior US presentation -// 4 Conditioning 7 1 2 LJ Extinction Trial blocks Fig_ 2_9_ Acquisition of nictitating membrane CR in rabbits after pretraining exposure to repeated presentations of (i) CS alone, (ii) US alone, and (iii) nothing (0)_ Animals that received the CS alone had lower response levels in the pretraining and extinction period than animals receiving US alone, but had slightly higher * response levels during the acquisition training period in which all animals received CS followed by US.

Generalization as a Means for Distinguishing Altered Sensory Reception from Altered Motor Performance One way to penetrate this complexity might be to distinguish adaptations that altered sensory reception from those that altered motor performance. Despite the interdependence of reception and performance (adaptations that alter one may affect the other), some of these effects could potentially be *It was not possible to demonstra te statistical significance conclusively on an interval scale. The lack of larger differences may itself be of significance.

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